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Current Board Members
Cynthia Magazine President
Steve Conrad Vice President
Jane Robinson Secretary
Doris Mills Treasurer


Boyce Baldwin Member Communications
Dennis Kester Book Shop
Darvel Hansen Membership
Doris Mills Books for Homebound
Kathleen Butler Author Series
Crystalle Ebbinga Publicity
Sara Koroli Student Director

FHLA Board of Directors
The FHLA Board consists of ten regular members, each serving for three years, and one student member, serving for one year. Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting, held each January. Directors are responsible for managing the affairs of the organization, and direct the disbursement of funds.


The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Association. He presides at all meetings of the Membership and Board of Directors, and has the general and active management of the business of the Association. He is responsible for seeing that orders and resolutions of the Board are carried out.

Vice President

The Vice President is available to perform the duties of the President in the event he is absent or otherwise unable to perform his duties. Other duties, such as serving on committees, are assigned as and when needed.


The Secretary is responsible for the minutes of all meetings, and the recording of all votes on issues discussed at meetings.


The Treasurer is responsible for keeping the accounting records for the Association. She deposits all receipts and disburses funds as directed by the Board. She prepares monthly reports of the financial transactions for regular Board meetings, as well as an annual report for the Annual General meeting.


Board Members plan events, coordinate publicity, work with other organizations, serve on committees, and perform other duties as needs arise. Directors typically have assigned tasks, including the Books for the Homebound manager, the Book Shop Manager, the Book Festival Steering Committee chairman, and others.

Student Director

The Student Director serves as our liaison with the high school and other students. Input from this younger source helps us more effectively meet the younger library users' needs.